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In March 2012,

Rotary Club governor György Balogh greets Kalyan Banerjee, former President of Rotary International, who is viewing the first relief of the “Touchable-Invisible” program in Budapest with interest.


15 th March, 2011

The relief of Hódmezővásárhely City Center was seriously damaged on 3 points by a 16 years old boy. The damage was unnecessary, meaningless but it happened anyway…


25th February, 2011

As part of an event series on the Tour Guides Day Gyula Nagy held an introductory report about the “Touchable-Invisible” Rotary project at the FUGACulturalCenterin the V. district.

The occasion was especially relevant as the Guides are intending to improve the traveling conditions and possibilities of handicapped people in 2011.


23-27th March, 2010

The Rotary World President, John Kenny, visited the Hungarian 1911. District with his wife, June. During their trip they visited the relief on the Trinity Square, in the I. district of Budapest, and the one in Eger, on the Dobó Square. They were appreciative and moved about the project.

Revelation of the Eger, City center relief

Revelation of the Mátyás church and its surroundings relief


October, 2009

Sadly, the relief in Egerin Dobó square was damaged. Such an action has never taken place before. The Minaret was broken off. Without this special building from the Turkish Era the city center looks very sad.

Note: The Minaret was reinstalled on the relief in the spring of 2010 but it was broken off again later on.