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As the project started




The idea came…


Nándor Kemény, the president of the Rotary Club Budapest-Budavár in 1997/98, saw reliefs of a town hall built for the blind by Rotary during his trip to Münster and Aachen, Germany. This is when he raised the prospect of starting a similar project in Hungary, to show the commitment of Rotarians to disadvantaged people.







       Nándor Kemény in Münster


The accomplishment came…


As the principles of Rotary go, a new president was elected in the following year. Gyula Nagy – being receptive to new and humane ideas – decided to take up his predecessor’s idea up within the club’s projects. In the name of Humanism in Action beautiful and useful reliefs were to be built at various locations throughout the country with the help and support of other Rotary Clubs.

On the 13th of November, 1998, Gyula Nagy organized a press conference at the Lukács Confectionery in Budapestto introduce the „TOUCHABLE-INVISIBLE” project. There was a huge interest from the national media, including not only many journalists but the television as well.



        Gyula Nagy, the president of the Budapest- Budavár                The first press conference that introduced and started     

        Rotary Club in 1998/99, being interviewed by the TV.                                 the project “TOUCHABLE- INVISIBLE”.          


On the 21st of November, 1998 the Budapest-Budavár Rotary Club held a charity ball at the Stefánia Palace in Budapest with the patronage of Árpád Göncz, the president of Hungary. The ball’s income was invested in setting up the first relief.