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The steps in sequence

The following the steps in sequence, made by Mihály Felföldi (RC Kecskemét), could mean a great help to those Rotary Clubs that are considering setting up a relief for blind and partially sighted people. These steps sketch the difficulty of the task and highlight the parts that are in need of careful attention to complete a relief. (Following this order is not always necessary.)

We wish good luck and success to every Rotary Club that wishes to take up the responsibility of such a valuable project!


The steps in sequence:


Deciding about the making of a relief on club level

Electing the project leaders

Inviting of a local or a well-known artist

Planning the actions and the budget

Contacting the local Federation of Blind and Partially Sighted

Signing a contract with the artist

Making a relief plan

Appointing the main patron of the project (advice: president of the Federation of Blind and Partially Sighted)

Informing the mayor of the city about the project

Handing over a declaration of intention about the project

Consulting with the chief architect of the city

Informing the head of the local Office for Monument Protection

Handing in a submission and having a hearing at the Town-Planning and Urban-Management Committee

Choosing the exact location

Handing in a submission to the Cultural and Touristic Committee and applying for financial support

Handing in the tender to the Institute for Culture and Art

Building a plaster-model in a 1:1 proportion

Acquiring the judgment and resolution of the Institute for Culture and Art

Signing a contract with the artist about th use of the piece of art (Only when the tender handed in to theInstitute for Culture and Art turns out successful)

Signing a contract with the Municipality about them supporting the program

Finding sponsorship and supporters

Acquiring the area’s lot-number and proprietary-rights from the Land Office

Acquiring ownership contribution from the mayor of the city

Making design documentation

Title page from the Land Registry

Making a site plan

Description of the model from the artist


Declaration from the Institute for Culture and Art

Resolution from the Cultural and Touristic Committee

Resolution from the Urban-Planning and Town-Management Committee

Resolution from the Cultural Heritage Protection Office

Resolution of the city’s chief architect

Handing in the design documentation to the technical department (they submit it to the City Council to decide about the contribution to the ownership)

Obtaining the written decision of the City Council (Ownership consent)

Preparing statements for operation and maintenance

Consulting about the utilities on the site, acquiring the licenses

Obtaining a building permit

Building process

Press conference


Acknowledgments for the sponsors

Accounting the money gained through tenders, preparing reports

Closing the project, documentation


For further information or assistance please contact: info@tapinthatolathatatlan.hu